Oprah: Where are they now? - August, 2014

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Kids Caring 4 Kids Visits Africa! - June, 2010

In this 4 min. video, follow Kendall Ciesemier (founder) as she visits a few of the projects Kids Caring 4 Kids supports in Zambia.


Kids Caring 4 Kids: Inspiring Kids to Care

In this 14 min. video, discover how Kendall Ciesemier’s response to the startling facts about African children orphaned by AIDS – even as she faced her own serious health struggles – has touched off a wave of caring.  And that is making a difference in the lives of thousands of vulnerable children in Africa. Even more amazing, see how her actions are inspiring youth in schools, churches, and community groups across the country to experience firsthand what it means to care.

“Kids Caring 4 Kids started out as this really small idea of me just wanting to help one kid … and it’s grown into something amazing and exiting and inspiring,” Kendall says. “It has taught me that together, we can really make a difference for these kids in Africa. If we just take more that first step, we can do more than we even imagined.”

The DVD “Inspiring Kids to Care” is the centerpiece of an “i care 2” kit developed by Kids Caring for Kids. This easy-to-use resource equips students and groups with creative ways to raise money to support KC4K projects that benefit children in Africa impacted by AIDS.

Channel One News: Finding Strength - Kids Caring 4 Kids (1/11/10)