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Create Your Own Fundraising Page

With your own Fundraising Page you can:

  • Post information about your fundraiser to bring hope and care to children in Africa living without parents, in poverty, and in need. The money raised supports proven projects that provide food, shelter, educational support, clean water, and more to some of the more than 12 million children impacted by AIDS.
  • Have an easy way for people to donate directly to your KC4K fundraiser online
  • Set a fundraising goal and keep track of the amount you've raised
  • Get encouragement from your supporters
  • Fundraise online without hosting an actual event

Who should create their own Fundraising Page?  You can if you ...

  • Want a place where friends and family can easily support your efforts to raise money for projects that are bringing hope to kids in Africa
  • Want to publicize your upcoming fundraising event
  • Want the status of your fundraising goal at your fingertips

With your fundraising page, you or your school, church or community group can keep those in your network up to speed on YOUR efforts to help kids impacted by AIDS in Africa.

Click on the icon to the left to create your page now!