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Hygiene & Healthcare for Children in Zambia

Lifesong for Orphans mission is to bring joy and purpose to orphans.  We share that mission and have joined Lifesong in providing the funds to build an addition to the Lifesong School in Kittwe, Zambe.  The addition will add 10 toilets, showers and sinks (prior to this project there were only two toilets, showers and sinks for the 175 children attending school here.)  We are also helping convert an existing room into a nurses clinic and provide essential supplies to help care for these kids.

John Mumba and the Lifesong School – Zambia is caring for 170+ orphaned and vulnerable children by providing quality education, nutritious meals, loved on, cared for and mentored by teachers, indigenous church and caregivers.

The staff in Zambia has received positive comments from the parents/guardians for the wonderful work they are doing at the new school. Some of the women and caretakers have said that Lifesong is one of the best schools in the city, because it embraces all areas of their children’s needs, not just academic.
Some of these comments include:

  • Noticeable improvements in behavior and attitudes at home
  • Increased use and understanding of English
  • Increased academic achievement
  • Improved health (Lifesong provides nutritional food and health care to children when they are sick)
  • Spiritual growth